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The World Philosophical Forum (WPF) Philippine Branch
stands as a vital extension of the global WPF network, aligning itself with the overarching mission of fostering philosophical dialogue and addressing pressing issues facing humanity. Established under the umbrella of the international WPF, the Philippine Branch contributes to the organization’s pursuit of a protected, prosperous existence for all, guided by principles of reason, wisdom, morality, responsibility, and justice.

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Socratic Philosophical SCHOOL

for educating and certification of

Earth-XXI (global) Citizens





Welcome to WPF Philippines: Where Wisdom Shapes Progress

Welcome to the digital gateway of the World Philosophical Forum (WPF) Philippine Branch. Our home is a space where the timeless pursuit of wisdom converges with the pressing needs of the contemporary world. Join us on this intellectual journey towards Earth-XXI, where philosophy becomes a guiding force for a thriving nation and a united global community.

"Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP"

Join Us on this Philosophical Journey

At WPF Philippines, we invite you to be an active participant in the philosophical dialogue that shapes our collective destiny. Explore our initiatives, engage with our community, and become a catalyst for positive change. Together, let's nurture wisdom and inspire progress.

Rev. Meliton V. Capricho


Witness philosophy in action through initiatives addressing social justice, environmental sustainability, and ethical business practices. Explore how WPF Philippines translates philosophical ideals into tangible solutions, contributing to a better tomorrow.

Take a step towards becoming an Earth-XXI Citizen. Join a global movement where individuals, irrespective of borders, unite under the principles of reason, morality, responsibility, and justice. Embrace a shared responsibility for our planet’s future.

Discover the role of philosophy in national development. Engage in public dialogues, educational initiatives, and collaborative projects that empower individuals to think critically and ethically. Be part of a movement where philosophy becomes a driving force for positive change in our nation.

At WPF Philippines, we envision Earth-XXI as a collective pursuit of transuniversal ideals, harmonizing neohumanism and transhumanism. It’s a vision of a world where dignity, peace, and prosperity are the birthright of every Earth-XXI citizen. Explore our vision and be part of the global conversation.

Notable Filipino Philosophers

Renowned for contributions to the philosophy of education and public administration.
Jesuit priest and philosopher specializing in metaphysics, philosophy of language, and semiotics.

Economist and philosopher, former governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines.
Though primarily known as a national hero, Rizal was also a polymath and philosopher. His works, such as "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo," contain social and political commentaries.

Famous Philosophers in History

Often regarded as the father of Western philosophy, Socrates' teachings form the basis for much of Western thought.
A student of Socrates, Plato founded the Academy in Athens. His dialogues explore a wide range of philosophical ideas.
A student of Plato, Aristotle made significant contributions to logic, metaphysics, ethics, and natural sciences.
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“In the unity of wisdom, reason, and morality, we find the foundation for a just and harmonious world. The World Philosophical Forum Philippines National Branch stands as a beacon for these principles.”

We aim at inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.
Jonathan Doe — Headmaster

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