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World Philosophical Forum Philippine Branch

Welcome to the World Philosophical Forum (WPF) Philippine Branch, where we embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and global collaboration. As an integral part of the international WPF community, our branch is committed to advancing philosophical discourse for the collective betterment of humanity.


At WPF Philippine Branch, our mission is to create a platform for profound philosophical discussions that transcend geographical boundaries, cultural differences, and academic disciplines. We are dedicated to nurturing intellectual growth, moral development, and fostering a world governed by reason, morality, and justice.


Our vision is to be a driving force in shaping a future where philosophical wisdom guides the global community towards harmony, understanding, and mutual respect. We strive to contribute to the creation of a just, enlightened, and peaceful world.

Founding Principles

Rooted in the timeless ideals of ancient Greek philosophy, WPF Philippine Branch upholds principles such as reason, wisdom, morality, responsibility, and justice. We believe in the enduring relevance of these principles in addressing contemporary challenges and shaping a brighter future

Annual Summits: Dialectical Symposia

Our flagship events, inspired by the ancient Greek tradition of Dialectical Symposia, are annual summits that serve as intellectual crucibles. These gatherings bring together leading thinkers, philosophers, scholars, and individuals passionate about thoughtful discourse. The outcomes, including resolutions and appeals, provide valuable guidance on addressing pressing global challenges.

Introduction to the World Philosophical Forum Philippine Branch


The World Philosophical Forum (WPF) Philippine Branch stands as a vital extension of the global WPF network, aligning itself with the overarching mission of fostering philosophical dialogue and addressing pressing issues facing humanity. Established under the umbrella of the international WPF, the Philippine Branch contributes to the organization’s pursuit of a protected, prosperous existence for all, guided by principles of reason, wisdom, morality, responsibility, and justice.

Founded in 2009 by philosopher Igor Kondrashin, who now serves as the WPF President and CEO, the organization originated in Athens, Greece. It operates as a non-governmental, nonprofit entity with a vision deeply rooted in classical Greek philosophy. WPF seeks to counteract the challenges posed by double standards, corruption, and falsehood by advocating for civic reeducation and the acknowledgment of human rights, coupled with an emphasis on human duties.

As a global entity with branches in 53 countries, WPF collaborates with influential international bodies like UN-UNESCO, contributing reasoned ideas to advance progressive initiatives and supporting global goals. However, WPF distinguishes itself by its commitment to influencing human consciousness through widespread information dissemination, education, and the integration of Earth’s diverse population into a cohesive global civilization.

The centerpiece of WPF’s activities is its annual Summit in Athens, Greece, modeled after revived Dialectical Symposia, reminiscent of ancient Greek traditions. These gatherings bring together top thinkers, philosophers, scholars, intellectuals, and individuals committed to thoughtful discourse. The aim is not only to address global challenges but also to elevate human consciousness, emphasizing reason, morality, and justice.

WPF serves as a unique platform where humanity can collectively discuss solutions to global issues, transcending local and national interests. The organization maintains a year-round presence through ongoing contacts and intercommunications, and the outcomes of its activities are regularly shared on its website.

In response to the deteriorating global situation, WPF has identified a significant challenge: a large portion of the Earth’s population is affected by varying degrees of mental health issues. In response, WPF introduces a groundbreaking BIOPHILOSOPHICAL program, “MIRROR of my SOUL,” aimed at diagnosing and healing human mentality. The establishment of WPF Centers of diagnostics and correction of consciousness, initially in Russia, Greece, Malaysia, and India, underscores WPF’s commitment to improving the mental well-being of humanity.

Ultimately, WPF envisions a three-stage development for Earth’s inhabitants: the formation of global citizenship (Earth-XXI), the emergence of new global leadership (Earth-XXI Aristocrats), and the establishment of Earth-XXI self-administration through a Universal Constitution. WPF believes that only through such collective evolution can humanity achieve dignity, peace, and prosperity on Earth for all, ensuring the well-being of the entire human conscience.

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Igor I. Kondrashin

WPF Founder, President & CEO,

Meliton V. Capricho

WPF Philippine Branch, SDG Advocate / Civil Educator

Rafael Agcaoili

WPF Philanthropist, WPF Sec. General,

Bede Tabalingcos

WPF Advocate Educator 

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